About Ronda


I am a wife and working mom who believes California has all of the potential to be an amazing place where I can continue to raise my children, and where they can build wonderful lives for themselves.   

California has lost its way due to the decisions being made on a daily basis by our representatives in Sacramento. I am running because we should no longer be near the bottom of the nation when it comes to education and quality of life, while only leading the country in high taxes and poverty.

As an attorney and small business owner I have seen regulations that are keeping local employers from having successful businesses in California. The cost of doing business in California continues to rise, and the “tax and spend” philosophy in Sacramento does not represent the hardworking people in Ventura County. California is becoming unaffordable for working families, and impossible for our children to be able to plan a future here.


As an educator and mother I have watched California public schools fail our children. Recent accounts have our schools ranked as low as 44th in the nation. That’s unacceptable. California should be leading the country when it comes to educating our children. The home of the greatest advances in technology and bio-tech should be doing better for the next generation. We need to pay good teachers more and say goodbye to those who aren't making the grade.

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and am the granddaughter of the first African-American elected to the Wisconsin state legislature. I was raised with the fundamental principle that there is no substitute for hard work. It was this philosophy that helped me to get through college and law school at 40 years old, working as a full-time paralegal, with newborn triplets.  

I am currently a practicing lawyer in Ventura County as well as the Dean of a California law school. I live in Oak Park with my husband Michael and our five-year-old triplets, Annabel, Bianca, and Liam.