Camarillo Acorn: Backs candidate who has ‘public service in her DNA’

As an independent with libertarian leanings, one who is pro-choice in everything, I’ve got to say I feel Ronda Baldwin- Kennedy would do a far better job at protecting my liberties than Jacqui Irwin, who has been on the wrong side of practically every issue I care about.

I want a legislator who will vote to protect my rights as opposed to taking them away. We must remember that state-level politics have a far greater influence on the quality of our daily lives than national issues.

I’ve met Ronda on a couple of occasions now, the first time being at a rally for the Yes on Prop. 6 initiative to overturn the gas tax, and saying I’m impressed would be an understatement.

She is whip-smart on the issues facing residents of Ventura County and California at large, and she would be a very pragmatic and fiscally conservative representative acting as a counterbalance to the majority in Sacramento who vote with passion rather than logic and have made California one of the most expensive and least businessfriendly states in the union.

There was a time in our history when a country gentleman, out of a sense of duty to those in his district, would run for office, and when his time was up, he’d quietly retire back to the country. This is the feeling I have about Ronda, that she doesn’t have designs on being a lifelong politician.

She has a successful law practice and is a mom to six children (including 5-year-old triplets), and any woman who can balance all of that and wants to represent her district in Sacramento is a superwoman in my eyes.

I think public service is in her DNA as her grandfather was the first African American elected to the Wisconsin state Legislature.

Ventura County does not march to the same beat as Los Angeles County, although Jacqui Irwin’s voting record would suggest otherwise. This is why I’ll be voting to elect Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy in November and while I’m there, I’ll be voting to overturn the gas tax.

Alan Garner

Trevor Naglieri