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Do you think the $729 gas tax and vehicle fees, per year, should be repealed by voting YES on Prop. 6? *
Do you feel safe knowing that California is a "Sanctuary State, allowing foreign felons here illegally are allowed on our streets and protected by government? *
Do you think that Assemblywoman Irwin was right in voting to increase taxes on your cell phones by $60 million a year, when the State has a $9 billion surplus? *
Do you think government should totally take over your health care, by controlling all health care and making doctors and nurses government employees? *
Assemblywoman Irwin has opposed the audit of the High Speed Rail, do you agree that this over $100 billion item should not have an audit? *
The GOP candidate supports the right of parents to choose the best education venue for their children. Assemblywoman Irwin only supports public education. Do you support school choice liked by Ronda-Baldwin-Kennedy or oppose the right of parents to have a say in the education of their children as proposed by Jacqui Irwin? *
Are you aware the State pension systems have hundreds of billions in unfunded liabilities and the Legislature and Governor have done nothing to reform this collapsing system? *
Since the passage of Prop. 47 and Prop. 57, car break-ins have skyrocketed, assaults and other crimes have gone up, while AB 109 has opened our prisons to allow career criminals out early. Should we put a priority on public safety, even if it means arresting and jailing criminals? *
Do you support or oppose the State Water Commission's proposal to limit you to 55 gallons of water today. *
Since CalTrans, per State Senator John Moorlach, has 3500 excess employees, should the State keep them since Assemblywoman Irwin has said nothing, or allow them to find other work, per Assembly candidate Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy? *
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